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Natural Approach is meant to provide comprehensible input.
Principles of natural
  • Language teachers have to use the target language.
  • The focus of the communication in language class will be on a topic of interest for their students.
  • Language teachers have to help their students understand. 
Procedures Of  Natutal  Approach
In teaching learning, the students do not have to produce utterances in early stages, the teacher may also provide comprehensible input by using context and the items themselves to make the meanings of the key words clear.
  • In teaching speaking, language learners begin to speak in the target language by producing one or two words, they often begin to speak by responding to yes/no question.
  • In teaching reading and writing, after the students are given commands for early listening comprehension, the teacher writes the commands on the board and asks the students to copy them in their note books.
This can be done by    discussing about :
      -  Task
       -  games

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